MP Responses

So, many of us have been writing to our MP's to request assistance with and to raise the problem with the NMC indemnity insurance decision and the wider impact of women's choices being eroded.

It's been a mixed bag however, as the majority have simply replied with the same copied and pasted drivel that the NMC have released to them in relation to the matter in general. 

So - we have made a naughty and nice list of MP's and their replies. If they are on the nice list they have sent a good response with a clear understanding of why this is important and some further actions suggested, they will be on the nice list. If they don't appear to have looked beyond the NMC official line and have replied with what looks like the same copied and paste info (which I suspect was circulated on a memo to all MP's), then for now they are on our naughty list for not taking the time to investigate what it is their constituents are complaining about!

The list is forever evolving and MP's can obviously move between the lists depending on their actions. 

Please use the contact us section to update us on the performance of your local MP.

Note for MPs.... please don't reply to personal letters with the copied and pasted content regarding the indemnity insurance and the NMC's stance. We already know this, we have already read and been sent it several times in response to other letters and it just makes you look a bit lazy. We vehemently disagree that the indemnity insurance in place is inadequate, and I question the basis the decision was made considering the scheme was too complex for the actuary to investigate within the timescales.  Please look at the wider picture here... if the government wants to truly support women's choices concerning her birth, then give her the chance to make that decision for herself without someone else governing what is deemed to be acceptable. And once you realise what civil liberties the NMC action is restricting, I'd be interested to hear how you can continue to justify the decision.

The Lists!

Nice List

*Sarah Olney - MP for Richmond Park and North Kensington (Liberal Democrats) - Great response from Sarah, keen to understand and try to help. Reaching out to other agencies as a starting point but understanding there is an issue with removing choice from women.

Matthew Pennycook - MP for Greenwich and Woolwich (Labour) - Great response from this MP, personalised and sounds informed. 

Mr Adam Afriyie - MP for Windsor (Conservative) - watching this one! Initially received a standard copied and pasted reply that didn't address anything, constituent angrily requested further action and he has responded saying he is reaching out to various departments.

Sir William (Bill) Cash - MP for Stone (Conservative)

Mr Paul Blomfield - MP for Sheffield Central (Labour)

Mr Edward Argar - MP for Charnwood (Conservative)

Mr Huw Merriman - MP for Bexhill & Battle (Conservative)

Mr David Nuttall - MP for Bury North (Conservative)

Ms Ruth Cadbury - MP Brentford & Isleworth (Labour)

Mr David Warburton - MP for Somerton & Frome (Conservative)

Mr Owen Thompson - MP for Midlothian (SNP)

Joanna Cherry QC - MP for Edinburgh South West (SNP)

Rt Hon Sir Gerald Kaufman - MP for Manchester, Gorton (Labour)

Ben MacPherson - MSP for Edinburgh Northern and Leith (SNP)

Michelle Thompson - MP for Edinburgh West (Independent) 

Caroline Lucas - MP for Brighton, Pavilion (Green)

Kelly Tolhurst - MP for Rochester and Strood (Conservative)

Daniel Zeichner - MP for Cambridge (Labour)

Andrew Smith - MP for Oxford East (Labour)

Gareth Johnson - MP for Dartford (Conservative)

Andrew Jones - MP for Harrogate & Knaresborough (Conservative)

Fabian Hamilton - MP for Leeds North East (Labour)

Steve Brine - MP for Winchester & Chandler's Ford (Conservative)

Steve Baker - MP for Wycombe (Conservative)

Justine Greening - MP for Putney, Roehampton and Southfields (Conservative) 

Mr Clive Lewis - MP for Norwich South (Labour)

Naughty List

*Mr Philip Dunne - MP for Ludlow and Minister of State for Health (Conservative) - Considering this man is the DOH that all these nice MP's are reaching out to for help, the copied and pasted drivel that is coming back (almost the same as the NMC statements) is most concerning. Just why do these people think that insurance makes labour more safe? It doesn't! And just why do they think they can dictate to women what their choices should be? Limiting choices is not supporting choice, it's doing the opposite. 

Alec Shelbrooke - MP for Elmet & Rothwell (Conservative) - previously on the nice list for seeming to look for answers, a disappointing copy and paste reply missing many of the key points followed with a very patronising tone!

Greg Hands - MP for Chelsea & Fulham (Conservative) Moved up the list as despite further contact pointing out the template reply provided last time was incorrect and he hadn't understood, now writing to DoH and NMC but no pleasantries or apology in reply!

Mr Chuka Umunna - MP for Streatham (Labour)

Mr Robert Courts - MP for Witney and West Oxfordshire (Conservative)

Rt Sir Hon Greg Knight - MP for East Yorkshire (Conservative)

Mr Nick Clegg - MP For Sheffield Hallam (Liberal Democrats)

Ms Theresa Villiers - MP for Chipping Barnet (Conservative)

Mr Stephen Barclay - MP for North East Cambridgeshire (Conservative)

Mr Gordon Henderson - MP for Sittingbourne & Sheppey (Conservative)

Ms Thangam Debbonaire - MP for Bristol West (Labour)

Ms Barbara Keeley - MP for Worsley & Eccles (Labour)

Mr Martin Vickers - MP for Cleethorpes (Conservative)

Ms Lucy Frazer - MP for South East Cambridgeshire (Conservative)

Barry Sheerman - MP for Huddersfield (Labour)

James Heappey - MP for Wells (Conservative)

Adam Holloway - MP for Gravesham (Conservative) 

Alok Sharma - MP for Reading West (Conservative)

Dr Tania Mathias - MP for Twickenham (Conservative)

Deidre Brock - MP for Edinburgh (SNP)

Damian Green - MP for Ashford (Conservative)

Dan Jarvis - MP for Barnsley (Labour)

Andrea Jenkyns - MP for Morley and Outwood (Conservative)

Tom Pursglove - MP for Corby & East Northamptonshire (Conservative)

Tom Blenkinsop - MP for Middlesborough South and East Cleveland (Labour)

Tim Loughton - MP for East Worthing & Shoreham (Conservative)

Lucy Allen - MP for Telford (Conservative)

Rachel Reeves - MP for Leeds West (Labour)

Edward Argar - MP for Charnwood (Conservative)

Julian Sturdy - MP for York Outer (Conservative)

Philip Davies - MP for Shipley (Conservative)

Jeremy Hunt - MP for South West Surrey (Conservative)

Rt Hon Sir Nicholas Soames - MP for Mid Sussex (Conservative)


Some MP's have tried to help....

Justine Greening - MP for Putney, Roehampton and Southfields (Conservative) did ask the department of health to look into her constituents concerns. Unfortunately, the department of health has the same memo that they have copied and pasted from in response. 

Fabian Hamilton MP is on our nice list above as his responses have been really keen to understand and help his constituents. He has written to the Clinical Commissioning Group for his area (Leeds South and East) and the NMC. Both replies to him were unhelpful and still seemed to miss the point the original complaints were raising.